September 30, 2023

Horse races can be exciting events to witness. But for someone unfamiliar with them, the races may be confusing or hard to comprehend. To make the experience more pleasurable and enriching, it is wise to consult a phrasebook of horse-racing terms found at most race tracks to gain knowledge of various phrases used during races.

If a horse is “on the bridle”, this indicates it has sufficient energy to run its course. Conversely, “off the bridle” indicates it lacks sufficient stamina. Other phrases which help track a race better include “on the pace” which indicates when they are close to taking the lead and “off the pace”, meaning when they have fallen back.

The Jockey Club serves as the governing body of horse racing in the US. With immense responsibility to ensure the health and welfare of horses participating in horse races, they have established rules to safeguard them at all times.

One of these rules includes ensuring that horses are appropriately fed and hydrated prior to running, which is crucial as their nutrition cannot function without it. Furthermore, it is prudent not to over-train horses as this could prove detrimental. It is also vital that jockeys utilize proper safety equipment such as helmets and protective gear during races.

In addition to safety regulations, the Jockey Club also plays an essential role in overseeing drug testing in horse racing. In the past, trainers would use powerful legal steroids designed for humans as painkillers to enhance their horses’ performances in races and can mask signs of injury or fatigue in races. Today, however, The Jockey Club is working tirelessly towards increasing safety within this sport and has made significant strides forward over recent years.

Horse racing can be an incredibly thrilling event, yet it is essential not to lose sight of the fact that horses are racing for their lives. Horses forced into racing must sprint at speeds which can be life-threatening, often incurring injuries or experiencing breakdowns as a result. While horse racing appears romanticized on the surface, there exists a dark side consisting of abusive training practices, drugs use and slaughter. PETA has taken great strides to raise awareness about this issue, leading to positive changes within the industry such as increased scrutiny over drug usage and abuse and efforts to enhance animal welfare. We hope these efforts continue to be successful so we can move closer towards basic humane standards in agriculture.