What is Domino?

Dominoes, small rectangular tiles used as the basis of many domino games played with other domino tiles or game objects like cards and dice, form the core of many domino-related games. A domino has two sides divided by an imaginary line in its middle; each side of this domino features dots called pips that resemble die spots but some of which may be blank. Dominoes can be stacked vertically into larger structures like towers and pyramids for use as elements in domino rallies in which one domino is set off to topple another domino; this phenomenon inspired the name “domino effect”, meaning events which start from one simple action but have far-reaching or catastrophic results.

When playing dominoes on a flat surface, each player starts by placing one domino on the table and matching it against another domino, so all exposed pips match. As each domino is added to this chain of dominoes, it increases in length until either an endpoint or certain total number (for example five) has been reached.

Dominos can also refer to a skill game in which players try to build long rows of linked dominoes by placing them edge-to-edge, matching up each domino with all same or all different pips; this is known as double twenty four and can be played by at least four people; more dominoes laid will create longer chains and potentially result in greater points awarded for successful layout.

As well as being an entertaining pastime, dominoes can also be used as art by stacking large lines that form patterns or pictures when they fall. There are even games in which players try to establish lines of dominoes that cover an area – for instance a chessboard. Hevesh, a professional domino artist can create stunning patterns when his dominoes fall that appear like pieces of modern art!

The word domino originates in Latin as domini, which translates to “I govern” or “I am master.” Originally used in relation to carnival season or masquerade events; later used for domino pieces featuring contrast of blacks and ivory faces; domino became an all-purpose term in 18th-century society for various games using domino pieces; adopted by Domino’s Pizza when first opened; current owner is trying to revive brand image using initiatives such as dedicated delivery vehicles and delivery by drones while testing new menu items to appeal more closely with younger demographic.