The Best Hong Kong Pools to Visit This Summer

Summer heat can be oppressive, and nothing beats taking a refreshing dip in one of Hong Kong’s many pools as a means of cooling off. Swimming provides both physical and mental relaxation – it’s the ideal way to unwind after an intensive workweek and recharge yourself at the same time! Additionally, this activity provides opportunities to make memories with family, friends or just yourself! Here are some great Hong Kong pools worth visiting this summer.

Kowloon Park Swimming Pool Complex was completed as part of its redevelopment and expansion in 1989, and features lap, jacuzzi and plunge pools – as well as several slides and a large fountain – within its complex. Operation of this swimming pool falls to Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Hong Kong boasts over 100 public swimming pools, some year-round while others close during winter months. Most are near major transportation hubs. Unfortunately, the government has had difficulty recruiting enough seasonal lifeguards – only 40 of 600 needed have shown up so far; which may force some pools to close entirely this summer.

It’s good news for swimmers, since more space will open up. Additionally, several new pools are planned; two in Wan Chai and another one in Tin Shui Wai North are on the list of possibilities. Finally, Hong Kong City’s two-year lifeguard contract may encourage more applicants to apply.

At nine public parks with swimming pools in Chicago and its suburbs, an unprecedented surveillance study was carried out using a widely-utilized systematic observation instrument for use during summer and autumn seasons, covering 288 observations over 36 weekdays and 36 weekend days (totalling 288 park observations on 288 day/night cycles). Our data show that park usage averaged an estimated 99 individuals per hour at all times except off-peak periods.

Some hotels also feature their own pools; the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong features one on its 6th-floor pool that provides stunning views of Victoria Harbour and Kowloon, plus heated infinity and lap pools for serious swimmers.

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