4 Hong Kong Pools That Are Worth Checking Out

hk pools

Hong Kongers know it can get very hot year round (with perhaps one and a half months of delayed winter). On hot days, taking a refreshing swim is just what is needed – however you don’t have to visit a beach or spend money on day passes; many hotels in Hong Kong feature their own luxurious hotel pools for swimming pleasure and provide unforgettable pool experiences complete with extra perks (tipple, amazing views, top facilities).

Here are 4 of Hong Kong’s best pools worth visiting! Our list starts off with the breathtaking infinity pool at Hyatt Centric – its gorgeous blue tiles glitter under sunlight while providing spectacular views of Victoria Harbour, one of Hong Kong’s iconic landmarks. After relaxing by the water, make your way over to Wing Lai Yuen restaurant for some delicious Sichuan noodles before leaving this oasis behind!

At the Ritz Carlton is an exquisite indoor pool that will help you unwind after an exhausting day of shopping and sightseeing! With floor to ceiling windows for optimal viewing pleasure and LED walls that create the illusion of coral reefs, as well as sauna and steam rooms to help unwind and relax you are guaranteed an experience like no other!

Fanling Swimming Pool offers an easier swimming experience in its remote location and promises less crowding than many of the city’s other pools, providing a more serene swimming experience. Plus, nearby Tseung Kwan O Public Library makes for an added reading opportunity!

While most pool facilities are free to use, lap swims may require an affordable membership and aquatics programs may incur small fees. To see their schedules click on ‘Schedules’ that follows each pool in the table below.

Hk pools are an integral component of Hong Kong’s leisure industry, but they do face certain obstacles. A key issue is a shortage of lifeguards; currently only 40 per cent of seasonal staff has shown up for work each day. With increased measures designed to recruit lifeguards, hopefully things will change soon enough.